About Us

Commodity Trading and Logistics
Сompany connecting the Greater Caspian
Region with the world.
Integral Petroleum is a trading and logistics company established in 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland, and active primarily in the markets of Caspian Region, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Central America.

In 2015 Integral Petroleum became one of the largest exporters and logistics providers for crude oil and petroleum products originating from Caspian Region.

In 2017 Integral Petroleum opened a new project in Mexico to assist oilfields operators and refined products importers in reaching the international market.
Integral Petroleum works with both top multinational corporations and regional players. First class banks enthusiastically finance the opera­tions of the company.

Integral Petroleum has built long term relationships with key players inclu­ding E&P companies, customers, terminal operators and authorities in these regions. Thanks to our trusted network of partners, we have excel­lent operational flexibility and expert local knowledge, which supports our unique and reliable logistics infra­structure, which is based on direct access to a wide range of inland and sea transportation facilities.
Integral Petroleum intends to stay one of the largest exporters and logistics providers for crude oil, petroleum products and soft commodities from the Greater Caspian Region to the world and to develop product and geographical diversification by entering into other markets.

To achieve this goal the company applied highly innovative strategies, which
guarantee the efficient, resourceful and environmentally friendly supply of
commodities. Our worldwide relationships and connections help us to create long-
term, sustainable solutions. Our goal is to constantly enhance our operational
flexibility, manage and minimise operational risks and to focus on
innovation and optimisation of business processes.
Integral Petroleum SA participates in several global and regional organizations including the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association; the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services; the International Commodities & Derivatives Association; Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce; Greater Caspian Foundation.

In 2016 Integral Petroleum SA became a member of World Economic Forum.